OWL© Web Portal

OWL provides a custom web portal for propane dealers, streamlines the monitoring process, and
enables dealers to increase revenue with our patented Pay As You Go option.

OWL offers propane dealers a custom portal where they can view and manage their customers and tanks.


Custom Web Portal

  • Upload Fill-Up Data
  • Create and Manage Customer Information
  • Manage Radios and Check Provisioned Status
  • View and Export Tank Level and Fill Data
  • View a Map of Provisioned Tanks and Levels
  • Tank Level Data is Regularly Transmitted
    to the Portal


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Easy To Use

Access your OWL portal from anywhere

  • Custom web portal with full mobile access
  • Integrated with GIS maps, graphics, reporting, and alerts
  • Open API Interface


OWL© Portal: Mapping

Interactive map of all the radio locations in the field

  • Pins mark all the radio locations in the field
  • Map allows you to zoom and locate specific radios
  • Each pin contains customer and account information
  • Sidebar displays customers and fill levels


OWL© Portal: Graphing

Interactive graph displays the radio fill level readings

  • Rolling average captures real usage & shows days to empty
  • Enables viewing of usage pattern
  • Displays fill level readings of all activated radios
  • Tracks reading history from activation
  • Scroll bar allows selection of specific dates


Monthly Invoicing

Easy invoicing with our patented Pay As You Go option
Propane dealers can send monthly invoices to their customers directly from their OWL portal.

  • Dealer can adjust rates, credits, etc. from OWL portal
  • Dealer renders monthly invoice from portal
  • Customer pays monthly invoice to dealer
  • Customer pays monthly account management fee to dealer


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