Remote Monitoring Solutions:

Propane Tanks, Pits, & Meter Monitors

OWL is the best solution to remotely monitor your propane tanks, pits, and meters. We offer cellular or fixed wireless monitors
that are low-cost, reliable, and guaranteed 10 year battery life. OWL is the most economical option in the industry
and will work with your business to meet your needs, helping to save you time and money.






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OWL© Web Portal

OWL provides a custom web portal for propane dealers, streamlines the monitoring process, and
enables dealers to increase revenue with our patented Pay As You Go option.


OWL offers propane dealers mapping and graphing for in field tanks.



OWL© Development

OWL was developed by Technology Assurance Labs in 2012, when they saw a need in the propane industry for accurate and reliable
tank monitoring devices and software. Technology Assurance Labs is an independent laboratory formed in 2003,
that specializes in serving equipment vendors, venture capital groups, and service providers.




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